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On Emotional Pain and Suffering

I was reading The Miracle Equation by Hal Elrod and was struck by this paragraph: “By accepting all the things you can’t change (death definitely fits that category) you give yourself the gift of being at peace with life as it is, rather than creating pain because you want the unchangeable aspects of life, be […]

Get to Financial Freedom Faster in a Used Car

I’m not into unnecessary suffering or struggle and I’m all about maximizing life for the greatest enjoyment, freedom and happiness so it bothers me to see so many of the FIRE bloggers cutting expenses to the bone, not going out and enjoying life and putting all their focus on the day they reach financial freedom […]

Money and Happiness

We’ve all heard the old expression: money can’t buy happiness, but that isn’t the truth. You can rethink your spending for greater joy and happiness. The research shows that how we spend our money can have a real impact on our experience of happiness and it turns out, most Americans are doing it backwards, spending […]

Building Friendships Over Time

One of the best things I’ve done since moving to England is joining a book club. I knew only one other person when I first joined and over the past 10 years have gradually deepened these relationships. We started the club originally in recognition of the fact that since having two kids, we weren’t reading. […]

Getting Back To Basics On Weight Loss

Getting Back To Basics On Weight Loss  – on a completely different note: my husband is loving Cross-fit and to improve his results decided to get the most optimal nutrition plan. He booked an appointment in Plymouth to meet with Lorne of Phalanx Performance Nutrition, a very knowledgeable and surprisingly inspiring nutritionist who is designing […]

Make Time for What is Most Important to You

Time… Everyone complains that there isn’t enough of it. ‘Where did the time go?’ we ask ourselves; meanwhile days, weeks, even years can slip by without getting us any closer to our goals. Yet everyone is given the same 24 hours in a day; it’s up to us how we use them. You can’t create […]

The Aggregation of Marginal Gains

  “In the end, winning is sleeping better.” –Jodie Foster When the technical expert, Giorgio Piola, was asked how the Mercedes’ Formula 1 team keeps winning, year after year, he said there was no single one thing but that they make the car as simple and clean as possible and they aren’t afraid to experiment […]

Quick and Easy Clutter-Clearing Wins

Dana White, a self-confessed slob and author of Decluttering at the Speed of Life, really does struggle with clutter and she has discovered that it speeds up the process to go for the areas of biggest visual impact first. When you see the positive difference, it naturally motivates you to tackle another pocket of clutter, and […]