Daphne Clifton

Executive Coach

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Daphne Clifton is an executive coach and trainer with over 25 years experience in business management, sales and customer service. She trains clients to become powerful influencers, negotiate well, manage their time, network effectively and close sales.

Daphne's energetic, inclusive style ensures clients not only gain fresh insights but also the tools to have instant impact on effectiveness and profitability.

Daphne works with high achievers, entrepreneurs and senior managers. They come from across the private and public sectors and from a wide range of business backgrounds. All work hard and think fast in their desire to deliver increased productivity and profitability for their business at the same time as developing their full, human potential.

Daphne provides intensive one-on-one coaching with powerful, proprietary tools that clients can apply directly to their working environment for fast results.

A graduate from Corporate Coach U she is also a member of the International Coach Federation, the C.I.P.D. and is a Director of the South East London Chamber of Commerce. The author of "Network with Confidence" and "Franchising on a Shoestring," Daphne is also a speaker, facilitator and radio commentator and lives in London.

Daphne's Fees:

1-1 Private phone coaching: $750 a month for two 45 minute calls which includes unlimited email support between calls.

Contact us regarding coaching with Daphne at coaching@lifecoach.com.

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