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Have You Reached Peak Stuff?

How do you know when you’ve reached peak stuff? I spend a lot of time helping people clear clutter. Which leads me to wonder, why do we over-consume in the first place? This can be food or stuff or both. Weight Watcher’s found such a high correlation between excess weight and excess stuff that they […]

Get to Financial Freedom Faster in a Used Car

On getting to financial freedom faster. I’m not into unnecessary suffering or struggle and I’m all about maximizing life for the greatest enjoyment, freedom and happiness so it bothers me to see so many of the FIRE bloggers cutting expenses to the bone, not going out and enjoying life and putting all their focus on […]

Can You Have It All?

Can you have it all? I recently received a question from one of our members who had created the ideal life for herself. She had a lovely organic garden she tended, spent time daily in meditation and journaling, looked after her family and the household. Her dilemma was how to find time to start a […]